Saturday, August 06, 2011

What is Road Trip?

I like driving cars. I take great pleasure in the act of driving as opposed to getting from A to B. To me, A and B don't matter very much, it is what is in between that matters. You can see this as a philosophy for life, not to get too pretentious or nihilistic here but life is a ride from birth to death. You have to make the most of what is in between.
OK, so we have cars covered. There will be a lot more about those in the future. In fact, most of this blog will be about the drives I undertake (and undertook) in my life and the cars that I own, have owned and would like to own (Sadly, there are many more of the latter than the former). But there are other things that make the ride more interesting. Great food is another one. You need to eat to survive, may as well do it right. I go to restaurants. A lot.
Since I have a nerdy background (I taught myself how to program video games at the age of 14, the rest is history) I like technology. Gadgets, audio equipment, computers, cell phones and so on. I read a lot of books about particle physics, obsess over cooking and can spend hours researching things on the internet before buying them. So there will be mention of these things as well.
Last but certainly not least I have an incredible family. My wife Connie (she has her own blog, soon to go live) and my son Kai. I adore them. So there will be stuff about them on here as well.

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