Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Driving shoes

OK, I admit, I have a pair of driving shoes. Some people seem to find that amusing, others ask me why, what makes them 'driving shoes' and why would you ever spend money on something so silly?
Well...I remember coming back home from a long Duffey Lake Road run well past Cache Creek earlier this summer. This was my first joyride of the season so I pretty much drove nonstop to there and back again. This was about 9 hours and when I came home, my right heel was very sore. Then I peeled off my shoe, my heel was bright red and very tender. I guess was a result of having it sat on the floor of the car, moving back and forth between gas and brake pedals and just having pressure on for such a long stretch of time.
I decided to fix this, most things can be fixed by spending time online looking for a solution followed by buying something. I found a brand called 'Piloti' that makes driving gear including shoes. They have rounded heels with extra padding for driving and look fairly spiffy. I also asked on the Porsche club forum (yeah, I am a member of the Porsche club too...) and they came recommended. I was referred to Jerry at Driving Unlimited who was able to order me a pair.
The first major test of these shoes was my epic summer 2011 road trip, three days of 7+ hours driving days sure tested their ability of keeping my feet comfortable. I am happy to say they succeeded, no more sore heels and a great pedal feel to boot.

So yeah, I have driving shoes and I love them!

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