Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Boxster

I guess it is time to talk a little bit about my current car. It is a 2005 Porsche Boxster S. I bought it used in March of 2010 from Porsche, certified pre-owned. To me this car is a fantastic tool to get from A to B, enjoying every moment of it. It falls squarely in my optimal category of great cars. Small, two seater, mid-engine, rear wheel drive, convertible. It has one of the best engines on the market, Porsche's flat six making 280hp in the S version. It sounds great, revs hungrily and simply just wants to go, go, go. This is definitely the tightest handling car I have ever owned and feels like a scalpel when dissecting a small twisty mountain road. So yes, I like this car. Some people say it is a poor man's 911, underpowered and so on. They clearly have never driven one. Sure, it is cheaper than a 911 but I think this car is in a class of its own. Kam used to own a 997 and was very impressed with the Boxster, he may very well end up buying one in the not too distant future. Here is a picture:

This was taken during an earlier road trip this summer. A bit backlit, I will take some better pictures later and post them up.

There are drawbacks to this car, it isn't actually that comfortable for longer highway drives. I have to drive down from Vancouver to Redmond on a semi-regular basis for work (visiting the Microsoft head office) and the 3 hour drive is loud and bumpy. But once off the highway and onto a windy road the car transcends all this and becomes a pure joy to pilot around the next bend, up the next mountain pass. This is an experience that cannot be beat and for me, the essence of any road trip.

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