Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer 2011 road trip day 1

This morning I dropped Connie and Kai off at YVR for a trip to Toronto. Since I am down to two vacation days I couldn't come along. I did however waste no time to head out on the road for a 3 day drive through Northern Washington state and the BC interior. I decided to head out in the evening and cover a couple of hours including the border crossing to get a head start tomorrow morning. I am currently in the Fairview Inn in Burlington. I picked this place because it is close to highway 20 which is the road I will be taking East across Washington. I have heard and read good things about this road so I am excited to get going tomorrow morning. I'll leave early, 7am or so, to avoid traffic and get a nice drive in. It will be a long day, I will be going all the way to the Idaho border before turning North back into Canada at Nelway, taking to Crowsnest to Cranbrook where I found a golf resort to stay. I don't play golf but it seems the nicest place around there...

This first leg wasn't too exciting, down the I-5 and into a cookie cutter business hotel but that doesn't matter really. Tomorrow should bring a lot more interesting scenery!

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