Saturday, August 27, 2011


I never was much of a coffee drinker. That was, until the rise of the premium coffee scene and a drink called the Mocha. Coffee, milk and chocolate, what a combination. Done right, it is delicious. I wrote about Mochas on a separate food blog here.

I am now somewhat of a coffee drinker, mochas still being my favorite but when in need of something less calorific, I go for a cappucino. What I like most about the coffee thing is the ritual around it. Especially on lazy weekends I go out, sit in one of my favorite coffee shops and sip on a mocha while nibbling on a treat and reading the newspaper or browsing the web on my phone. Very comforting.

Today I went to Elysian Coffee, one of my favorites with two locations in my neighborhood. A very quick drive in the Boxster and I am partaking in the ritual. Yum....

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