Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heisenberg's car!

I watched Top Gear last night, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the new Ferrari 458. He was rather impressed with it. What impressed me was the all-digital dashboard that on the right of the rev counter either displays the nav system map or the speedometer. In other words you either know where you are but not how fast you are going or vice-versa. Anyone familiar with the basics of quantum physics will get a kick out of this. If Heisenberg was alive today he'd be driving one of these!

Seriously now, this car for me is the ultimate. The most desirable. The one I'd run to the Ferrari dealer for with my lottery cheque in hand. Not that I play the lottery ever, so this scenario is unlikely. But if I ever had $250K to spend, I would spend it gladly on one of these.

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