Sunday, October 09, 2011

Oceanographers and Porsches

How about that for a title?

This is a quick post from Victoria, where I am currently visiting my sister and family. But this post is not about that, I'll talk about Victoria later.

This is about the process of selling my car. Yep, I am selling the Porsche. Why oh why am I selling a perfectly good car? Well, there is a bit of a story there but that is also for later. Rest assured that something new and exciting is just around the corner.

Anyway...since putting the car on various web sites for sale, I have had some interesting emails from various people. Some serious, asking good questions about the car and usually wanting to drop the price to places where I certainly don't want to go. However so far I have had two inquiries from oceanographers currently offshore, who don't have access to their online banking or anything so want to pay by Moneygram or Western Union. One wants to buy it as a birthday present for his dad in the US, the other one for personal use. If I would be so kind as to transmit my details so they can arrange for the car to be picked up.

How very fascinating. I actually think there is an automated system here, I remember the first one came at 4am in the morning after the ad went live around midnight. The other one responded almost immediately with a lenghty reply after my first reply. The messages are very generically worded and refer to 'the item' instead of 'the car' and things like that. They are also poorly constructed and full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Soooo....interesting scammers or has there been a sudden surge of interest in second hand Porsches from the International Oceanographers Association? Hmmm....

I also got a text message last night at 1am from a Pennsylvania area code asking about the car and could I please respond to a email address. Yeah right!

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