Sunday, October 23, 2011

Martha Stewart's pot pie

Connie likes to read home design magazines. I noticed a magazine on top of her pile with some great looking pot pies on the cover and took a closer look. It turned out to be a Martha Stewart magazine and it had a section about pot pies. I told Connie I would cook her any pot pie she picked, she chose a classic chicken pot pie with carrots and mushrooms. Today we went to a farm to visit a pumpkin patch for halloween. It was a clear and crisp day, we roamed around the farm, picked pumpkins from a very muddy field, got lost in an even muddier corn maze and returned home. The A4 had been splattered with mud as well so I gave it a wash. I then cracked open a bottle of wine and busied myself making dinner. It was a comfortable couple of hours in the kitchen and the end result was delicious, comforting and devoured by our little family. Kai wrote up a cooking report and gave me an A+!
It all starts with double smoked bacon...
followed by the vegetables

the filling
the pastry
the delicious end result!
the chef's treat :-)

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