Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Busy again!

Tempus fugit, busy lives pass by in a blur sometimes. Today I am off to Redmond, back on Friday. Then first thing Saturday we're off to Victoria to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, back on Monday. Something tells me I will have little time for the computer so blogging is unlikely to happen. I am writing this in the 10 minutes I have before I need to run out the door with Kai to take him to school before I go to work.

To provide some content of interest, a quick report of a couple of restaurants I visited lately. Connie and I went to Tableau which is a new French bistro in the spot where Voya used to be in the Loden hotel. Now when you open a classic French bistro in Vancouver you have to get it right. There is stiff competition from places like Les Faux Bourgeois and Pied-a-Terre. I have to say they did get it right, the menu is littered with classics like French onion soup, Moules Frites and Steak Frites. We tried these and they delivered. Superbly flavourful onion soup and a very simply executed Steak Frites with a little arugula and shaved parmesan. Beauty. Loved it.

Last night I went to Boneta, this Gastown favorite recently moved to a new location, in the prosperous block of Carrall street that houses the Irish Heather, Salt and the Judas Goat. There is a very interesting mall that is built between Blood Alley and Water street. Boneta looks completely different (bigger, more modern) but is instantly familiar when it comes to the food. We had a great night with superb food and the place was packed on a Monday night which is always good sign.

I have to run, no time to find pics!

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