Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday shopping

Today is my birthday. To commemorate 45 years of existence we went out to shop. Little did I know that it turned into a slightly epic experience. First we went to try a bakery that we hadn't tried before called Trafiq. We tried a variety of pastries including a caramel-chocolate croissant, an orange scone, a chocolate eclair and a so called 'killer brownie'. Yep, we overdosed a bit but hey it's my birthday. Connie took plenty of photos that will no doubt make it to her blog on Monday. The pastries were wonderful by the way and the coffee very tasty so we'll be back there in the future.

After that is was off to try a new men's clothing store called 'Staccato'. I had never heard of this place until at work a 'workperks' email popped up with this place listed, spend $150, get $50 off. When I checked out their web site my interest was immediately piqued. My two favorite brands are Ben Sherman and Ted Baker. These are hard to find in Vancouver so when I saw them both listed I got mildly excited. When I walked into their store I got really excited seeing the great selection they had. I was after summer shirts and I certainly scored big time. Two Ted Baker shirts, two Penguin shirts and a Penguin T-shirt. All nice and colorful, great fits and simply too good not to buy. So I ended up with five shirts!

We spent some time on Kits beach enjoying the fresh breeze while Kai ran around the playground. He challenged me to a game of tag and I am happy to say this 45 year old can still more or less keep up with an 8 year old on a playground. Sure, I was winded afterwards but Kai seemed thoroughly satisfied. After that it was off to 49th Parallel for the second coffee of the day. This went down well, I then popped into Ming Wo to look for a nonstick pan since our current one is showing rather serious signs of wear and tear. Lo and behold, they had a sale, a 10" and an 8" pan for half price. So I bought those too, why not? It's my birthday after all.

Kai also profited from this expedition, he scored some shorts, shirts and shoes, also for the summer. The only one that didn't bring anything home was Connie. Poor lass. But as the birthday boy, in this particular case, I am OK with that :-)

It is now time for a blissful little nap before getting ready for a sumptuous meal at La Quercia. I can't wait for that one, never been and it is supposed to be very good!

The haul

Waiting for my Macchiato

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