Monday, January 23, 2012

More gadget bliss

I am going to go out on a fairly serious limb here and talk about a vacuum cleaner. In a household with pets and an 8 year old boy, the house tends to get messy at times. A vacuum is needed to control this mess. The problem is, the average vacuum is clumsy and unwieldy. Ours falls squarely in that category, it lives downstairs in the closet, weighs about the same as a Smartcar and makes enough noise to scatter cats and children before it. The cost of entry of using it is high and it only gets busted out for the most serious jobs. For small jobs you use a handheld, something that we were sorely lacking. In fact, it was down to the old dustpan and brush that is functional but not always very efficient.
So as always I did some serious research online (for me that is half the fun in shopping for stuff) and found what I now refer to as The Dyson. A Dyson Digital Slim to be exact. The geeky pedantic in me muses that there is very little that is digital about this gadget, Digital Slim makes me think of a really nice and thin laptop, but that is an aside. It is the most serious handheld vacuum you can get right now and it sure does its job very well. It is very easy to grab it, use it and go to town on spilled cat litter, swirls of sand and dust by the front door and most importantly, does a very good job at cleaning cars! I guess that was my hidden agenda with this purchase since I tend to be mildly obsessive about keeping my cars in good shape. Especially my lovely TT-RS that has been sadly confined to the garage with the winter weather doing its best to make things miserable for nice cars around here...

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