Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hello Audi...

I picked up the new car yesterday. A 2012 Audi TT-RS that I put a deposit on June first. Exactly five months later it is now sitting in my garage, looking all dark and sinister but ever so pretty as well. I haven't really driven it much yet, it needs to be 'broken in' which means driving very conservatively for the first 1,500 kms.
It certainly feels completely different from the Boxster, a bit less mechanical and raw. The clutch is stiffer, the gearbox a bit longer and more notchy. The exhaust note is very interesting and the car simmers with latent power, I can't wait to get past the 1,500 km mark and open it up, I have a feeling it will be rather spectacular.
The interior is up to Audi standards, all looking very spiffy. Nice stitching, beautiful flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in perforated leather and leather sport seats emblazoned with the TT-RS logo. The electronics are there as well, navigation, bluetooth hands-free and two SD slots for media. I have a 32GB SD card in there now crammed full of MP3s to enjoy on the Bose sound system that so far sounds great. Too bad Audi doesn't offer a B&O system for the TT, I have it in the A4 and that is still by far the best sounding stock system in any of the cars I have owned.

So far so good, I will be driving this car quite a bit in the next while, going around town, Redmond on Friday and perhaps a bit of a drive in the direction of Whistler this weekend, time and weather permitting.

I took some photos this morning, the lighting was a bit weird and my skills with the DSLR are minimal but they do give a good sense of what the car looks like.

Once I have had the car for a while I'll post some more!

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