Friday, May 10, 2013


I think it is time for a bolt of lightning to spark some life into this blog of mine. The last time I posted was after a September drive, things got busy, I started ignoring this blog and next thing you know it is May. I was recently reminded of the existence of this little digital collection of memories and how people actually appreciate it's existence. So I thought I'd pick it back up and start posting again.

So what to write for the first post-hiatus post? Well, I did manage to get a drive in a few days ago. In May no less, unheard of weather wise. Given the 30 degree temperatures and clear blue skies all over western BC I decided to take the opportunity, take a day off and head out on the now very familiar Duffy Lake road loop. It was much like the previous one that it was a weekday off-season so the roads were deserted. Just me, the TT and a long, twisty ribbon of tarmac through breathtaking scenery. Ridiculous fun is all I can say!

That's it for the first post. No pictures, I didn't bother this time since I have posted about this exact drive before. Now it is time to think of more interesting posts and do some prep work. There is plenty of subject matter. I will have a look at the photos on my cell phone (no longer an iPhone!) and see what I can come up with.

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