Sunday, July 22, 2012

A boys' road trip

This weekend Kai and I went for a camping / road trip to the Sunshine Coast. This is a pristine bit of coastline north-west of Vancouver that is dotted with little towns all connected by a windy highway. Perfect TT country so I loaded it up with camping gear (it fits a surprising amount of gear) and we headed off on Saturday morning.

Who said sports cars are impractical?
At the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal
I must admit I am not much of a camper, I prefer a nice hotel over a tent but for Kai, camping is still full of magic. The campfire and marshmallows being the highlight. I actually had trouble lighting the fire this time, even when deploying a large can of coal lighter fluid. No matter what I did, the flames would die down again quickly. When I was ready to give up, Kai took over and lo and behold, shortly after we had a cosy fire going.

During the day we were out and about, the weather was a bit iffy so we went driving, looking for interesting roads to explore. We found some great back roads leading to little coves and deserted mountain tops. Kai got a little taste of TT RS driving which he certainly enjoyed.

Porpoise Bay, beautiful place
The Sunshine Coast is a great place for a couple of days' exploring, spending some time on the beach and finding some windy little driving roads. We both had a great time, spending time with Kai like this is fantastic.

Zonked out on the way home

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