Friday, February 17, 2012

Audi news

Audi has been busy announcing stuff lately. Lots of new cars, for me the RS model line is the most exciting of course. The one I am most interested in is the RS4 Avant. I love our trusty A4 Avant, it is in many aspects the perfect car for a small family like ours. Now drop a 450hp V8 in it, kit it out with the usual RS brakes, suspension and other goodies and you have one ridiculously amazing family hauler. Too bad this RS4 is only destined for Europe. Maybe this is a good thing lest I be tempted to do something completely silly like replace the current A4 with this RS4 monster....

Then there is the RS5. I think the current A5/S5 models are beautiful, the S5 menacing and gorgeous looking. Now there is the RS version with the same 450hp V8 as the RS4. And this one is coming to North America. Not a contender for my TT-RS though. It is still faster and sexier :-)

On a more realistic and practical level there is the re-introduction of the Allroad. This is as close to a SUV as I would ever get and if I would ever want to replace the A4, the Allroad would be the only option since Audi is not bringing the A4 Avant to NA anymore. Nothing wrong with the A4 allroad, it is the same platform and engine configuration as the current generation A4 which is just fine. Looks a bit more butch with the fenders and other off-road-ish gear. Perfect for adventurous Vancouverites!

Then there is the bigger version, the A6 allroad:

I think I prefer the A4 version, although the new A6 is a sumptuously luxurious car. I drove them at the Audi Driving Experience last summer and certainly enjoyed that.

There is also the TT-RS plus, which gives the Europeans the same engine spec as the North Americans. So 360hp.

Audi is certainly keeping up the exciting car news. So far I see myself driving Audis for a long time to come.

Later today I will be picking my TT-RS, I had a 3M film protection applied to the front. This means I can go out this summer on the dusty BC back roads without the car coming back looking sand-blasted. I cannot wait!

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