Friday, September 30, 2011


I previously extolled Meat and Bread for their perfect execution of a simple concept. I'd like to add to this, this time it is all about coffee. Funny, I never used to be a coffee drinker until I slowly got dragged into the coffee scene, first drinking mochas and frappucinos from Starbucks (those days are long gone!), moving on to the better stuff from places like Mink, 49th Parallel and Thomas Haas. I then realized that there is more to coffee than mochas and have been looking for the prefect cappuccino in the various Vancouver coffee shops.

I think I found it. Revolver is a new coffee house, very conveniently located across the street from Meat and Bread. It was designed by the same person who did Meat and Bread and it shows in the minimalist exposed brick and wood interior and single focus bar. The guys at Revolver have taken coffee to the next level, providing an almost laboratory-like environment to brew the perfect cup. Beans are measured on little electronic scales, drips are made using lab-like beakers and stainless steel filters. The result is impressive and I have been enjoying their coffee for some time now. I am waiting patiently for them to find their chocolate supplier so I can see what their interpretation of a mocha is...

There is a small selection of baked goods available at the front from their West Vancouver bakery/cafe called Crema. I have tried the raspberry coffee cake and chocolate croissant so far and both were very well made.

So yes, another concept nailed. And Vancouver is all the better off for it. I wonder what's next?

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